• Are you looking for an effective
    means of protection against fire?
    Flamex developed a unique formula concentrate that can give active or passive
    fire protection, and can be used alone or in combination with other products.
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  • Flamex for Wood
    Flamex for Textile
    Industrial solutions
    Flamex for wood
    Flamex for textile
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    Industrial solutions
    Flamex A extinguishing agent intended for:
    - Active A class fire extinguishing
    - Professional use

Flamex W for Wood

Lasting and effective protection against fire. Different wood materials.

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Flamex T for Textile

Textile treatment (containing up to 90% synthetic)

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Active A class fire extinguishing professional and everyday use

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Industrial solutions

See more information about Flamex extinguishers agent solutions

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People trust our products and they are popular among professional users, businesses and households, as it has all the necessary features for safe and easy use, and effective goal achievement.


Flamex reduce water consumption by 30%
9 times
9 times better cooling effect compared to pure water



You will have enough time for complete evacuation, but rescue services will have the time to attend, because product lowers the temperature during the fire burning (cooling effect), slow down fire spread speed, reduces smoke and gas emissions and, in case of fire, reduce the threat of buildings collapsing.


Products provide passive fire protection, which activates as temperature rises, which, in turn, makes it possible to completely exclude the misfortune without fire outbreak. The product provides long-lasting protection; incorporating Flamex W with vacuum pressure autoclave makes it possible to achieve the protection of the entire service life of the material.


You will save and will benefit in many positions. You will not have to spend additional time and resources to:
• carry out further processing of the material, because the material will be treated enough using Flamex W once,
• carry out unnecessary maintenance work, because Flamex W is not corrosive and is friendly to the equipment,
• remedy the deficiencies after inspection visits, as Flamex W fulfill the most stringent requirements.


Product complies with EU standards and is certified in a number of institutions. The product has received the following advice:
• EN 13501-1. Euroclass B S2 D0 and B S1 D0
• NT Fire 032,
• CE mark
• ISO 5660, ISO 5657: 1997


Product won’t pollute the environment and will not cause a risk to health. Flamex W meets the most stringent smoke and density of the gas, and fire classification requirements, as confirmed by the granted certificates. By using Flamex W, it will also retain the natural beauty of wood, not changing its color or odor after treatment. It is important to note that after Flamex W treatment, the wood will not become a toxic waste not by the end of its working life, no during the fire.


Flamex W intended for:

  • lasting and effective protection against fire
  • different wood materials
  • any suitable method of treatment

If it is significant for you to:

  • Protect yourself, relatives and your property from fire threat
  • Save without risking the quality
  • Ensure compliance with fire safety standards for materials
  • Ensure successful object commissioning
  • Receive good insurance conditions
  • Gain State’s environmental, health and labor inspection favor
  • Use your resources effectively
  • To produce products that will be attractive and useful to the public

then Flamex W is the right choice!

Flamex W has been designed to be simple and easy to use, irrespective of the treatment methods. It is easy to carry and store the product.
Use of the product depends on the chosen methods of treatment and on a desired level of protection you want to achieve.
Flamex W and water ratio is regulated in accordance with a particular species or type of wood and the type of material, to achieve the desired protective effect. Follow the given instructions to achieve a certain material protection class (in accordance with European fire reaction standard EN 13501-1), or consult with our experts.
Simple methods of treatment: brush, dispenser, dipping into liquid. With Flamex W and these methods you will:
  • be mobile
  • process assembled constructions, manufactured goods and temporary objects quickly and easily
  • process materials, just where you need et (on all surface or only partially)
  • ensure lasting material protection against fire
  • save the material appearance

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Flamex T intended for:

  • lasting and effective protection against fire
  • textile treatment (containing up to 90% synthetic)
  • any suitable method of treatment

If it is significant for you to:

  • Protect yourself, relatives and your property from fire threat
  • Gain State’s environmental, health and labor inspection favor
  • Not expose visitors to the risk
  • Save without risking the quality
  • Ensure compliance with fire safety standards for materials
  • Receive good insurance conditions
  • Abandon yourself to romantic candlelight without the worries
  • Be aware that unexpected short circuit or clumsy action will not result in a fire and will not ruin things you dear
  • - then Flamex W is the right choice!
Product handling

Public places such as restaurants, hotels, libraries, concert halls, hospitals and others cannot afford to expose people and property to fire hazards. Therefore appropriate authorities monitor and recommend timely prevention works - textile processing with flame retardants to provide passive fire protection and reduce the spread of fire in case of fire

The material can be processed with a garden dispenser or dipped in a liquid. Flamex T concentrate can be dissolved in water at concentrations as needed.

Textile processing with flame retardants can be a one-off event, as well as repeated action. Treatment is recommended to be repeated after textile dry cleaning, because Flamex T effect will be then neutralized.

Quality – product complies with EU standards and is certified in a number of institutions. The product has received the following advice:
• IMO FTPC Part 7 IMO RES. A-471 (XII)
• IMO FTPC Part 7 IMO RES. A-563 (14)
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Flamex extinguishers intended for:

  • Active A class fire extinguishing
  • Professional and everyday use

If it is significant for you to:

  • Protect yourself, relatives and your property from fire threat
  • Be able to react instantly
  • Not expose people to the risk
  • Gain inspection favor
  • Save without risking the quality
  • Receive good insurance conditions
  • - then Flamex extinguishers is the right choice!

Statistics show that the most common fires are an everyday nature – ignition of paper, textile, furniture, rubber. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the time and location of the fire, but we can help to prevent it quickly, efficiently and without damage!
Flamex fire extinguishers meet the standards and are designed so that it could be applied immediately.
FlameX fire extinguishers are ideal for use in:
• home,
• attics,
• offices,
• hotels,
• hospitals,
• schools,
• camping,
• shops and stores,
• warehouse,
• workshop,
• fabrics
• and in other public places.
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Available sizes

  • Flamex A2 - 13A, 2 liters
  • Flamex A6 - 34A, 6 liters
  • Flamex A9 - 43A, 9 liters

Flamex extinguishing agent intended for:

  • Active A class fire extinguishing
  • Professional use

If it is significant for you to:

  • Extinguish fire professionally
  • Protect people and property from fire threat more effectively
  • Use water and time resource wisely
  • Not expose people and environment to the risk

  • - then Flamex extinguishers agent is the right choice!
Product handling
Add % of Flamex A to the system to achieve better extinguishing results. Consult our manager…
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"Flamex" Ltd. is sales house of fire protection products, which are designed to save lives, without causing any damage.

Mother company "FlameX" Ltd. (Norway), combining experience with the innovation, high Norwegian quality with production efficiency, has developed Flamex products series consisting of water-based concentrate. Company continues investing in product development to replace harmful products of firefighting with eco-friendly products.

FlameX series products on the market:

Production plant "Flamex-Bulgaria" Ltd., located in EU territory, is the place where, under strict supervision of specialists, basic concentrate of Flamex is produced.

Our mission is to give people the opportunity to fight fire and prevent fire hazards, not harming yourself, your property or the environment. Our vision is to become the first choice of consumers. We want to grow and become a significant European company.



Information about Flamex concentrate

Flamex developed a unique formula concentrate that can give active or passive fire protection, and can be used alone or in combination with other products.
Flamex products stand out on the market by a number of good qualities:
  • Products are ecological, because their composition is based on water and environment-friendly substances:

  • - Product has neutral pH level – pH 7.5 (water pH is 7.0).
    - As fluid does not contain environmentally harmful substances, corrosion rate is not higher than water.
    - Product does not contain halogen or substances that are able to create halogens after component splitting.
    - Formula does not contain carbon compounds or substances that form the digestion CO2.
    - Flamex decomposition will not negatively impact on the atmosphere and won’t worsen the greenhouse effect.
  • Products are easy to use:
  • - Products are designed to be convenient and used with different treatment ways

    - Products are easy to transport and storage

    - Products do not need to be marked

  • Products are economical:
  • Products save time and money thanks to efficiency and possibility of easy use, as well an ecological background.

  • Products show unique cooling effect:
  • The agent cools down the materials and prevents reigniting of fire.

  • In form of liquid Flamex can penetrate deeply into the material like wood and textile
  • The concentrate can be combined with other products (e.g., paint or glue)

Do you need more information about Flamex?

If you need more information regarding the product, its content, handling or possibilities, have any specific question to which you can’t find answer in FAQ list or you need a booklet, please feel free to contact us!


We Value Our Partners

Why to become a partner?
Flamex will give you the solution you really need and simplify your work. We value things that matter – safety and quality, stability and loyalty. This is why we are able to establish good business relationship with all our partners. We celebrate the success together and deal with issues if they occur. We are always glad to help making your life better!
How to become our partner?
As a Flamex partner, you will gain access to useful products and services that will benefit not only you, but your clients as well. To become a partner you can choose the easiest way for you – write an e-mail and we will get in touch, or simply call us!


Wood retardant

Liquid consistency allows transporting solids into cells. Micro emulsion fills the wood cells all over the surface and stabilizes them. At 250 °C solids in the cells expand and block the oxygen which results in extinguishing the fire.
By using Flamex W the material will be able to resist fire from several minutes to a few hours. The longest protection will be achieved by using Flamex W in pressure impregnation autoclave.
Many of the member countries of the European Union (EU) have adopted the harmonized Euroclass system of reaction to fire performance of building products. EU standards (BS EN 13501-1: 2002) classify timber in several classes by fire performance - B, C, D & E, where D and E relate to untreated timber. Fire retardant impregnation to wood can raise material Euroclass D or E to Euroclass C or B giving the material compliance with the requirements. Treated wood materials can reach the highest B Euroclass by using FlameX W. FlameX W meets the most stringent smoke and density of the gas, and fire classification requirements, as confirmed by the granted certificates.
The CE marking indicates a product’s compliance with EU legislation and so enables the free movement of products within the European market. The CE marking certifies that a product has met safety, environmental protection, health and consumers protection required by Construction Products Direction (CPD 89/106/EEC) and related standards (European harmonized standard EN 14342), moreover, it could avoid technical barriers reasonably to trade freely in European market and open other international market. Construction Products Regulation requires the CE marking for construction products.
Euroclasses coexist with British Standards, but are more up-to-date set of test methods comparing to the old British Standards. The Euroclass SBI test measures a wider scope of fire critical factors than the old Class 1/0 tests, namely spread of flame, heat release, fire growth rate, smoke levels and flaming droplets. Europe –To achieve Euroclass B or C Specification, wood have to be tested to EN 13823:2002 (SBI or Single Burning Item Test) and EN ISO 11925 (Ignitability Test). Classification is set according to BS EN 13501-1: 2002. England - BS476: Part 7, Class 1 involved a measure of the Surface Spread of Flame (SSF). BS 476: Parts 6 & 7, Class 0 included a measure of SSF but also heat release. Euroclass B replaces Class 0 Euroclass C replaces Class 1. Russia – Russian fire protected wood is classified in two main groups and several subgroups in GOST 30219-95.
B (Euroclass B) - relates to the fire performance required for Building Regulation compliance. (For more information: question Nr.3)
s (smoke emission) – there are three levels of smoke emission (s1, s2 and s3) that can be achieved and recorded in the SBI (Single Burning Item test). Where s1 is the lowest level of smoke and s3 is the highest.
d (flaming droplets) - the level of flaming droplets is recorded in an SBI test where d0 is the best level and d2 is the worst.
B, s1, d0 - very limited contribution of fire with minimum smoke emission and minimum flaming droplets.
It would be best to reach the highest class of protection for construction materials. With FlameX W it is possible to reach Euroclass B. Some requirements: 1. Wall and ceiling linings - Euroclass C in accordance with BS EN 13501-1: 2002. - Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame in accordance with BS476: Part 7 2. Higher risk areas (escape routes, staircases) - Euroclass B in accordance with BS EN 13501-1: 2002 - Class 0 in accordance with BS 476: Parts 6 & 7 More information can be found in BS EN 14915 or BS EN 13986.
Treated materials can be used in interior and exterior, new modern projects and social buildings, any other wooden construction or destination.
Only Kiln dried wood can be processed (moisture of freshly felled trees won’t let the retardant penetrate in the wood effectively). Retardant penetration into the wood depends on wood species. Trees have different density level. To treat dense trees like oak will take more time than for example birch, pine or spruce. Nowadays there are plenty of wood product types that can be treated (solid wood, plywood etc.). To see what result you can reach by treating each type of product together with different kind of wood species, please look at the chart (link).
No the product will not change the look of material, because Flamex W has no color or specific odor. This gives an opportunity to obtain a natural look treated wood.
Our customers get a certificate along with the ordered product. The rest documentation depends on the treatment method. Most often companies do the SBI test and receive the classification report from the nearest accredited laboratory.
There are plenty of obstacles to consider before choosing the right wood fire retardant. Will the product be reliable and effective enough, friendly to environment, cost effective? How many benefits do I get by using this product? Is it approved, certified? What is the history and feedback from other users? We can assure that our product meets all requirements – it is certified by several instances like Bureau VERITAS, trusted by many professionals and it brings a lot of benefits like effective use of financial resources. We value our good name, that is why customers return to us and choose our products.
Temporary material protection (coating) can be reached by using simple methods of treatment – dipping, brushing or spraying. More likely these methods will not let you reach the Euroclass B, but you will be able to protect materials from fire treat.
• high volume treated at one time
• cost and time effective
• long lasting protection level of material, deep penetration
• treatment of all sides
• predictable result, guarantee
We do not recommend you to re-profile the material, because in that case the saturated layer will be removed and you will have to retreat the material.
It is enough to treat the material once, if it is done in pressure impregnation autoclave. If you treat wood using simple methods, then it could take 2 to 3 times. Other type of treating using antiseptic, biocides and other products, can be done after fire treating the material.
Most of coating material that you might choose will fit. Flamex is neutral and will not make reactions with other chemicals except alkali.

Textile retardant


Yes. All our extinguishers are factory filled and pressurized and are supplied with a suitable bracket, fixings and instructions for wall or vehicle mounting.
This depends on the type and size of fire risk you are intending to protect. You can also call our Customer Service line for help but the law limits us from making specific recommendations without conducting a Site Survey.
Some fire extinguishers (small disposable and factory sealed units and chrome/silver finish) fall outside the scope of BS EN3, but they carry other approvals. You should always look for recognized independent approvals when purchasing fire safety equipment.
Approvals – EN3 Kite mark, CE marking, DNV and MED certificates, all our extinguishers come with a minimum 5 year Manufacturers Warranty. We provide full pre and after sales support. You can call our Customer Support team and speak to a real person if you need help or have a problem.
The Fire Rating printed on all Quality Approved Fire Extinguishers indicate the type(s) (or Class) and size of fire the extinguisher can deal with.
• Class A fires are burning solids like wood, paper and fabrics
• Class B Fires are flammable liquids like petrol and hydrocarbon oils and fuels
• Class C Fires are Flammable Liquid and Pressurised Gases
• Class D Fires are burning Metals
• Class F Fires are flammable cooking oils and fats
There is no Class E, often mistaken as describing Electrical Fires. Flamex fire extinguishers are intending only for class A fires.
We recommend contacting us or our dealer, that carries out servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers.
All of the extinguishers we supply can be refilled. Refilling should only be undertaken by a competent person trained or experienced in Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Servicing.
We supply everything for this purpose, because only original parts and extinguishing agent must be used.
The fire extinguisher should be recharged every 5 years.
The extinguisher must be recharged immediately after use, even if just part of the content has been used.
Brief instructions on how to use the extinguisher are printed on the canister. You can also find instructions at fire extinguisher category page – "Product Handling" on our website. Training in the correct use of fire extinguishers must be given to any person who may be called upon to use them.
Provided it is regularly serviced and maintained at least 5 years however you can expect the cost of maintenance to increase over time as components like seals deteriorate and when, after 5 years, the discharge test becomes due. With the low cost of our new extinguishers you should always compare the service cost with the price of purchasing new replacement equipment.
If the needle on the pressure gauge of your fire extinguisher is in the green, and the manufacture date is less than 10 years ago, your fire extinguisher is still good. In case the manometer needle is fallen into the red section, send the extinguisher to for recharging.
Flamex fire extinguishers do not conduct electricity extinguishing electrical equipment with power up to 1000V. You may extinguish the fire at the distance of 1 meter.

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